Bits-Bytes-Bitsware ....

Johan Kirsten
01st March 2018

Bitsware is an integrated software platform, which has been created to enhance compliance within the public sector environment with the ultimate aim of assisting accounting officers, chief financial officers and their staff with the execution of their compliance responsibilities.  All Bitsware utilities currently integrate with any financial- and human resource system in order to prevent the duplication of data capturing.  Our software solutions seek to foster good governance within the public sector, resulting in enhanced compliance and accountability

So what are we talking about? Well, in short, does your entity have an integrated fruitless, irregular and commitment register, which complies with the minimum requirements of National Treasury?  Can your entity at any given point explain and report on the progress of these expenditure, as well as have an investigation tool that can assist in resolving and reduce the entities' exposure.  Have your entity implemented the spirit of consequence management as required by the PFMA and MFMA?  If you have answered "No" to any of these questions, your entity will benefit from the Bitsware software application.