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Bitsware is an integrated software platform, which has been created to enhance the consequence management process within the public sector environment which ultimately revolves around unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful as well irregular expenditure. The added benefit of the integration of the above data into one platform, results in the commitment register and contract register, including the compliance reporting of section 125 requirements for municipalities can now be extract from a single source application. Bitsware, has been designed, created and programmed by accountants and auditors, for the use in the public sector environment. The aim of which is to provide an integrated solution to accounting officer’s and chief financial officer’s, that areas around procurement are elevated to an online, real time management platform for the prevention and detection of irregularities. This solution seeks to foster good governance within the entity that enhances compliance and consequence management processes.


Liaquath Ally, CA(SA) - Director and Chief Executive Officer

Liaquath is a qualified Chartered Accountant whom has worked as a senior consultant in the public sector environment on turnaround strategies, internal audit and accounting matters. As a previous Business Executive-Provincial Auditor General in North West province for approximately 4.5 years, Liaquath has gained significant insight and understanding on the demands faced by entities to implement proper consequent management process. He was responsible for audit engagements in the North West province, staff, external stakeholders, annual financial statements and audit report product for municipalities, departments and entities. His passion lies within the training and technical environment where he was a lecturer and senior lecturer at the University of Durban-Westville and subsequently University of KwaZulu Natal, specialising in Auditing. Liaquath was also Technical Product Champion for the Kwa-Zulu Natal AGSA office, responsible for technical guidance on audits in the Business unit. Within this wealth of experience, Liaquath is leading the team of Bitsware as Chief Executive Officer.

David Thornhill, Director and Developer

David is a former Municipal Chief Financial Officer with more than 20 years’ experience in the accounting and auditing fields. He has worked extensively in the public sector at provincial and municipal government level and has a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing this sector. David’s strength lies in the development of business enhancement processes for Government Institutions in order to improve audit outcomes. Utilising his extensive experience and practical knowledge, he has developed and successfully implemented compliance systems for Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Committee Management, Budget Management, Audit Action Plans, Performance Management, etc. Furthermore, David has undertaken various audit assignments on behalf of the Auditor General and also served as the Chairperson on the Audit Committee for the NW Provincial Legislature. David is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the various Bitsware compliance systems.

Danielle le Roux CA(SA), – Director

Danielle is a registered chartered accountant and regularity auditor with ten experience in the public sector environment. She has extensive knowledge on both Modified Cash basis, IFRS, SA GAAP and GRAP reporting framework for both departments, municipalities and public entities. Danielle has also performed various pre-issuance assignments for the Auditor-General as part of their ISQC1 process. Danielle specialises in prior year error reporting requirements, over the last few years, where the firms implementation of Bitsware, normally requires the adjustment of prior year figures in the applicable financial year. Danielle is responsible for overall quality review within Bitsware and project deliverables.

Johan Kirsten, CA(SA), – Director

Johan is a registered chartered accountant and regularity auditor with fifthteen years’ experience in the public sector environment. His involvement with various clients such as Departments, Public Entities and Municipalities on the area of unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure has proved invaluable within the program design, and procedural steps to creating the software platform that was needed. Johan has extensive experience in the requirements and reporting frameworks for each of the different entities as his firm is tasked to assist Auditor-General with contract-out and contract-in assignments. The excel version, on which Bitsware has been based, was successfully implemented in two municipalities and three public entities since 2015. Johan is responsible for the project role out and maintenance of compliance database for Bitsware.

Riyadh Ally CA(SA), - Director

Riyadh is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and Registered Auditor for the past 13 years. He completed his training in 2001 and joined the Auditor General for 4 years. He joined the Public Accountant & Auditors Board (PAAB) as the Director: Operations till 2008 thereafter moved to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as the Corporate Services Executive for contractual period and transferred to the Siyenza Manje Programme managed by SAICA to assist Municipalities in financial management. Following the end of the programme, Riyadh co-founded a successful consulting firm during 2011. He has been responsible for various assignments which include large metro municipalities and departments including public entities as engagement director and senior consultant. His strength is vested in the improvement of challenges by designing information technology solutions to address these matters. Through his guidance and assistance, Bitsware was born. Riyadh is responsible for the software development and product maintenance of Bitsware as information technology director for Bitsware.


At Bitsware we are committed to empowerment in line with the B-BBEE codes. Bitsware is currently 51% black-owned and 21% owned by black females, recognised as a level 2 B-BBEE contributor.

Bitsware uses a list of accredited partner firms for the roll-out of its software within South Africa. All firms on the accredited panel are firms that possess exceptional knowledge within the field of contract management, management and reporting of fruitless and wastefully expenditure, irregular expenditure and consequence management. Each firm is approved by Bitsware, after undertaken through a ridge training and assessment programme. Currently the following firms have been listed as implementation agents of Bitsware:

MAPS Advisory and Consulting Services Pty Ltd https://www.maps-consulting.co.za

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